April 28 and 29. 48 Hours. $25,000.


Our goal is to raise $25,000 during the Smaller. Smarter. Giving Days campaign. Gifts made to the Wesleyan Fund will provide crucial support for our current and future students. 


Help us spread the word to your classmates, friends, family, and followers, on April 28 and 29!


When you sign up as an ambassador, you'll receive a custom URL that allows you to track the results of your efforts, including the number of donors you've recruited and the total dollars you've raised. Spread awareness within your network by using your preferred forms of communication—email, text, social media posts, etc.—to encourage others to join you in supporting Texas Wesleyan! Be sure to use your unique giving link and #ramsgive on each social media post to track your personal impact in driving support for Smaller. Smarter. Giving Days. 


We need your help to make this day a success. Thank you for sharing your RAM pride!